About REAP

Source:Flickr (ILRI/Apollo Habtamu)

The Research for Ethiopia’s Agriculture Policy (REAP) project  is designed to support the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA).  Researchers will identify shortfalls in Ethiopia's agricultural sector and recommend solutions to the ATA.

REAP's role is to provide:

  • Long-term research support
  • Short-term technical input
  • Capacity building through trainings and workshops

The REAP project  brings to the table a vast network of researchers and development partners who offer expertise in agriculture. Researchers are encouraged to pursue a collaborative process where they work side by side with a wide range of partners, from the government of Ethiopia to the very farmers who are directly affected by new policies and interventions.


REAP's mission is to provide policy research that supports the government of Ethiopia in achieving national food security goals. Emphasis is placed on smallholder farmers and women to achieve sustained, broad-based growth and poverty reduction. REAP will share research-based evidence across various sectors to help the ATA shape policies that lead to improvements in the overall livelihood of Ethiopia’s small-scale farmers.


REAP's vision is to generate a global public good; meaning, the work conducted in Ethiopia will be documented, analyzed, and evaluated to create a dynamic model for sustainable agricultural growth. The ATA is the first transformation agency in Africa, and the goal is that the lessons learned will be relevant to Ethiopia as well as other developing countries.