The Next Steps for Gender Research in Ethiopia

In 2014, the Research for Ethiopia’s Agriculture Policy (REAP) team undertook two projects to take stock of the current research and data available on male and female farmers in Ethiopia. They found that there is significant information on farmers who are the head of their household, but relying on analysis based solely on heads of >> Read more

What can soil do for you?

In honor of World Soil Day 2015, Shahid Rashid, IFPRI Senior Research Fellow, shares some interesting facts in a new video about soil and why caring for it is essential for survival. “All living organisms on the planet depend on soil for their survival…yet, we know very little about soil health," says Rashid. “Degraded soil cannot produce >> Read more

The Barley Value Chain in Ethiopia

There’s a growing demand for malt barley in Ethiopia. The question is who should meet this new demand? There are two types of barley that farmers grow in Ethiopia: food barley and malt barley. The majority of barley that farmers grow is food barley and it is the main ingredient for several staple dishes such >> Read more

The State of Wheat in Ethiopia (infographic)

Wheat farmers are growing and harvesting more wheat than ever before, yet every year, the Ethiopian government spends millions of dollars to import wheat. Can local farmers meet the growing demand for the grain? What factors are limiting farmers from selling more wheat? Researchers took a look at the supply chain (from the farmers to the >> Read more