A Little Seed Goes a Long Way

Teff, the world’s smallest grain, plays no small role in Ethiopia’s agricultural sector— 65 percent of Ethiopia’s 85 million people get their “daily bread and livelihood” from it. In Ethiopia, farmers dedicate more land to this crop than other grains, such as maize and wheat, yet, teff yields lag behind. One researcher, who has dedicated >> Read more

From Bust to Boom: Debating Input Subsidies in Africa South of the Sahara

Cross-posted from the International Food Policy Research Institute Reemerging input subsidy program (ISPs) have sparked a highly contentious debate in Africa. ISPs are government programs that provide items such as seed and fertilizer to farmers at a steep discount. Ten years ago, few countries in Africa had subsidy programs; now, African governments spend an estimated >> Read more

CSPro Training to Increase Capacity in Ethiopia

"Donor funded products such as CSPro increase the access of modern tools for developing countries such as Ethiopia." During the first week of November 2012, IFPRI-REAP conducted a three-day workshop at the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) headquarters in Addis, Ethiopia. The workshop was an introductory course on CSPro (Census and Survey Processing System) to teach >> Read more

A New Path Forward

“A hungry nation is an angry nation.” -H.E. Dr. Betty Achan Ogwaro South Sudan’s struggle for independence was long and hard fought. Now the world’s newest nation faces an equally pressing battle, one of providing food, water, and electricity for the South Sudanese people. The country is heavily dependent on emergency aid: “We only have >> Read more