Technology Access and Adoption

Research Area Technology Access

Source: Flickr (ILRI)

One of the mandates of the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA)  is to build capacity in Ethiopia by introducing new agricultural technologies to farmers. In Ethiopia, conventional farming techniques are deeply ingrained cultural practices, but many are not as effective as new and improved methods. Researchers, development partners and the ATA will provide farmers with the tools and instruction to test out new technologies through pilot projects.

Pilot projects allow farmers to see firsthand the outcomes that new technologies have on crop yields and ultimately their livelihood. Researchers are assisting the ATA in monitoring and implementing pilot projects at the local level. Special consideration will be given to local research institutes to ensure that technologies are adapted to the local need.

Working at the local level ensures greater participation and focused interventions. Instead of a one size fits all mentality, the tailored packages allow the local needs to dictate the technology introduced in the region.

The goal in this area is to break the cycle of farmers using outdated techniques by providing them with the knowledge needed to increase their crop yields. Work is also being done to make sure that inputs are affordable and available to farmers.