Meet the Team

Dr. Shahidur Rashid

Project Manager
Dr. Shahidur Rashid currently serves as the project manager of Research for Ethiopia’s Agriculture Policy (REAP) project. Dr. Rashid served as the lead partner with the Foundation during the two-year diagnostic phase (which laid the foundation for the project), and was the lead author of two sub-sectoral diagnostic reports endorsed by the late Prime Minister, H.E. Meles Zenawi. The result of the report was the creation of the first agriculture transformation agency in Africa, the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA). Dr. Shahid’s hope is that the lessons learned in Ethiopia will become the model for success in neighboring developing countries.


Samson Dejene

Senior Research Assistant
Samson has been working on REAP since the start of the project. His primary responsibility is surveys, where he is involved in each aspect of  development--from finalizing the questionnaires,  training the survey staff, and  conducting field surveys.  He also developed the Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) program for all surveys (household, community, and cooperative). The program was specifically designed to mitigate against errors during surveys, and has ensured high-quality data for the project.

Samson has travelled to Ethiopia many times to conduct trainings, oversee data collection, and ensure timely completion of data acquirement. In the final stages, he will assist in cleaning the data and providing analysis.


Leulsegged KasaLeulsegged Kasa

Research Officer

Leulsegged has a BSc and MSc degrees in natural resource economics and agricultural economics, respectively. He has been working within the Ethiopian agricultural research system since 2006 in a variety of positions. Leulsegged joined the REAP project in February 2013 and is based in Addis Ababa. His principal responsibilities involve providing support for long-term strategic research, short-term analytical inputs, and capacity building within Ethiopia’s agricultural and economic research environment.

Currently, Leulsegged’s principal research engagements include evaluation of pilot projects on direct seed marketing and agricultural input credit, a crops production intervention prioritization and efficiency analysis, and a gender analysis in Ethiopia's agriculture.


SOLOMON Solomon Lemma

Senior Research Assistant
Solomon provides support to the project through research activities that primarily focus on agricultural marketing, food security, value chain analysis, and strategic grain reserves. He also contributed to several crucial studies that were presented to the Ethiopian Government.

He is also working on two projects (1) the impact of strategic grain reserves on the market and (2) the role of gender in the cereal value chain. Born and raised in Ethiopia, Solomon is excited to work on these projects and views them as an opportunity to give back to his beloved homeland.


Nick Minot

Surveys, Team leader: Storage Study

Dr. Minot has more than two decades of experience in agriculture and food policy analysis. In 2008-09, he was involved in the design, implementation, and analysis of a nationally-representative agricultural household survey in Ethiopia as part of the EU-funded Cereal Availability Study. Nick is the coordinator behind the 2012 IFPRI-ATA baseline survey. He has conducted years of field study in Ethiopia and has a good sense of the nuances in Ethiopia’s agriculture sector.


Bart Minten

Impact Evaluation
Bart Minten is involved with REAP in two different ways. First, his team is conducting an impact evaluation of improved teff technologies introduced by the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA). By randomly assigning farmers to different treatment groups, the aim is to  measure the impact of the new teff technologies (row planting, broadcast planting at reduced seed rate, or transplanting) on labor and land productivity.

He also provides support to the Ethiopian Soil Information System (EthioSIS) project at the ATA. The EthioSIS project  is creating a National Soils Database (NSD) and a digital soil map of Ethiopia.  The maps will provide an update on the soil types in Ethiopia and will identify the soils that are best suited for farming. A second dimension of the map is soil fertility sampling, which will show what nutrients have been depleted from the soils.


David Spielman

Team leader: Seed Sector
David’s work with the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA)  focuses on policies to strengthen seed systems and markets to deliver modern varieties and hybrids to farmers as a means of contributing to yield enhancement and resilience to stress. David works in close consultation with public and private organizations involved in strategic planning, research, regulation, production, and marketing.