Ethiopia’s 2015 drought: No reason for a famine

Ethiopia is currently experiencing its worst drought in over 30 years. Net cereal production from the main (2015/16 meher season) harvest currently underway may fall by 10-20 percent (1.9 to 3.7 million tons) relative to the 2014/15 harvest (December 2015 preliminary estimates based on woreda-level yield data). Households in regions hit particularly hard, including the eastern highlands >> Read more

Building Resilience from Within: Highlights from the Opening Session of the 2020 Conference

Cross-posted from the IFPRI 2020 conference page. The IFPRI 2020 conference on "Building Resilience for Food and Nutrition Security"  is taking place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from May 15-17, 2014. By: Pete Shelton “If the past is any guide, we will face a barrage of shocks, both natural and man‐made, in the coming years. In just >> Read more

Learning to Fly: Experts Share Lessons Learned for Transforming Agriculture in Africa

Cross-posted from the International Food Policy Research Institute. By: Rebecca Sullivan Africa is confronting a complex development challenge: population pressures are driving land scarcity, resulting in progressively smaller plots of land per farmer. On the land that’s still available, soil is rapidly degrading. How can Africa maintain, let alone ramp up, agricultural productivity to fuel the >> Read more

From the Ground Up: Ethiopia Has a Plan to Transform Agriculture

Article in IFPRI INSIGHTS Magazine focuses on the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) and why the ATA is modeled after similar agencies in Asia.   Ethiopia, one of Africa’s  poorest countries, is betting big on agriculture. The roots of this policy shift were sown during the 2007–2008 global food crisis, which jolted many countries into rethinking their >> Read more